Introducing Novalis Candles (plus how to make your own at home!)

Introducing Novalis Candles (plus how to make your own at home!)


There are few things I love more than relaxing at the end of a long day by propping my feet up and digging into a good book. Or coming home and having a warm dinner with my husband. Or lounging on my couch and watching way too much Netflix. Or grabbing a carton of ice cream and… okay, there are actually a lot of things I love to do at the end of a long day. But what makes all of those things even better? CANDLES.

There’s just something about candles that create the homiest atmosphere. Mood lighting. Great smells. Practical decoration. I honestly could go on and on because I stinkin’ love candles. So when I stumbled upon a way to make them myself at home… oh, I was hooked. I immediately starting scouring the internet and the wonderful world of Pinterest for the best tips, things to know, how not to blow your house up, etc. Being the dreamer and impulsive woman that I am, my second thought was, “WE COULD SELL THEM, TOO!” My steady, much more practical husband advised that I actually try making one first. So off I went, researching the best products and buying the supplies we needed.

There are many methods and materials that are used in candle making, but we’re excited and determined to do it in a more natural and intentional way – using products with integrity and avoiding the gross chemicals that are in so many products we use daily. We settled on using soy wax, hemp wicks, and essential oils. They are hand-poured in our home, and made with love. If you have any experience making candles or with more natural ingredients, we’d love to learn and try it out! You can purchase a Novalis Candle through our Facebook page, the “Novalis Candles” tab on my blog, or just give us a shout if you’re in the Greater Lynchburg area!

Enjoy the DIY instructions for making your own soy candles below. They’re great for gifts and so much fun to make! 😉

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DIY Soy Candle

  1. Pour a glass of wine. (This makes little difference in your candle making ability, but I think wine is always step one 😉 )
  2. Gather all of your supplies. You want to be able to transition quickly and effortlessly from step to step.
  3. Create a double boiler. If you have one at home, that’s great! But I just made one with a sauce pan around 1/3 full of water. Put sauce pan on medium heat.
  4. Fill pitcher with 1 lb. of wax and place in the sauce pan. Monitor water and refill if water boils down too low.
  5. While your wax is melting, you want to prepare your containers with wicks. Place a wick sticker (not necessary but really helps!) on desired spot in container, and stick your wick on. Place wick bar on to hold in place.
  6. Stir wax with spoon or spatula. Monitor temp. until it reaches 185F. (*Read your wax instructions and do some research! Different kinds of wax varies in temps.)
  7. Once it reaches 185F, remove from heat, mix fragrance in and stir. (Again, depending on what kind of fragrance oil you are using, this can change. For our essential oils, we’ve found mixing them after the wax begins to cool is more effective – around 150).
  8. Let wax cool to 135F, stir, and slowly pour into container. Stop around ¼ inch from the top.
  9. Allow candles to cool overnight, and cure for a few days for a stronger scent.
  10. Enjoy!

*Make sure you choose utensils and materials that you DO NOT use with food! (I just use a wooden painting stick to mix, and a measuring cup that I keep separate from my kitchen measuring cup.) For easy clean up, use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel and wipe everything down while it is still warm.


We wanna hear from you! We’re newbies at candle making, and are still experimenting! Do you make candles? What are different products/methods you’ve tried and loved? Let us know!

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  • Great recipe for candle making! My only suggestion is that you take that wine glass you emptied in Step 1, refill it with wax, drop in a wick, and make another candle out of it. Can’t have too many Novalis Candles, I always say. (Well, always starting now, I mean.)

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