Crock Pot Queso

Crock Pot Queso

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends!

Fun fact: Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day (you’d be surprised how many people think that!), and actually isn’t really as big of a deal in Mexico as it is to us beer and queso loving Americans. Even though it’s a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, in the U.S. we tend to use Cinco de Mayo as a chance to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture. The US/Costa Rican soccer team fan in me always cringes at the thought of a Mexican win, but I’ve still always loved the Mexican culture. 😉 A few months ago, my students even took the time to study the country by learning some Spanish words, creating Mexican art, and writing letters to a classroom in Mexico. My kids loved the idea that there were children just like them in a totally different part of the world. Click here to learn about a great organization that allows you to sponsor children receiving quality education in Mexico. Take some time today to learn something new about Mexico and it’s history. And while you’re at it, enjoy some queso. 🙂

This recipe can totally be done in a normal pot, but I love the crock pot because I can keep my eyes off of it for a hot minute to cook other things. And my favorite part about it – no fake cheese! Buh-bye Velveeta. Hello yummy pepperjack.

Crockpot White Queso

  1. In your crockpot, combine the cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, and tomatoes/chilies.
  2. Let it all heat on LOW until the cheese melts, stirring often. This should take around 40 minutes. Add spices, and some milk if needed.
  3. Once it’s all melted, serve immediately or keep in the crock pot on WARM to keep it nice and melted and warm! Enjoy!

*Some renditions of this have suggested half pepperjack, half white American cheese for a smoother queso!


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