Meet Ashley

Hello! I’m Ashley, but you can call me Ash.

I’m the wife of a good man, a friend to some of the best, a teacher to young ones, and a lover of cheap wine. If I’m not fumbling around trying out a new recipe or DIY, I can probably be found snuggling on the couch with a book and that good man I mentioned (or watching Netflix – let’s be honest). I call Central Virginia home and often find myself wondering, “what would Leslie Knope do?” I am altogether convinced that beauty can be found in mess, gifts in the grit and dirt, joy in affliction, life in death. I want to learn to see Beauty, and hopefully help you see a little bit, too. I tend to fluctuate from sobering seriousness to awkward silliness, and I think I like it that way.

There are a thousand and one ways you could have stumbled upon this little blog of mine – whatever the reason, I sure am glad you’re here. In between cups of coffee or loads of towels, won’t you pull up a chair and celebrate the small and go deep into the merry or the mire with me? Take a seat and stay awhile. I take my coffee black; how about you?

Yours truly,